Make more sales and save time with a streamlined workflow

We understand the need for salespeople to be able to negotiate without constant administrative approval, and close clients while on the phone. Sign-n-Pay was developed to streamline this process.

Why Sign-n-Pay

Sign-n-Pay is an excellent choice for organizations looking for a streamlined solution for sending digital signatures and payments for packages.

Invoicing and Payments

Our system simplifies and speeds up processes by allowing admins or sales team members to send agreements and invoices to clients in 30 seconds.

Workflow Automation

Sign-n-Pay allows sales team to customize packages and discounts, reducing sales process time.

30-Second Closing

Our platform enables admins to create custom packages and discounts, allowing the sales team to close deals with clients in 30 seconds or less.

Our Key Features

Sign-n-Pay allows businesses to easily manage invoices, payments, and agreements for packages.

Fully Customizable

Sign-n-Pay is suitable for businesses of all sizes that need to have clients sign agreements for sales packages.

Simplified Negotiations

Sign-n-Pay streamlines sales processes, eliminating admin approval for negotiations, allowing salespeople to quickly close deals.

Closing the Deal

Sign-n-Pay enables salespersons to close sales with a simple phone call, allowing them to answer questions about the agreement in real time.

Accept Payments

Sign-n-Pay provides real-time alerts for agreement signatures and payments and accepts all major credit cards.

How It Works

Sign-n-Pay makes it fast and easy to start sending and receiving invoices and agreements. With our easy-to-use platform, you can get set up quickly and enjoy the benefits of your sales team having instant access to agreements, packages, and team management while in the field.

Create an Account

Click the “Create Account” link to create an account and get started.

Connect your CRM

Connect your CRM to the system, this will allow you to search all deals in your CRM for customers to send agreements to.

Merchant Gateway

Connect your merchant gateway to Sign-n-Pay to allow you to process payments when customers pay an invoice.


Add your contracts, packages and discounts to the system. Once added you and your sales team are ready to send invoices and agreements to customers.

Our Clients Testimonials

By streamlining our sales processes to allow for one-call closes, our sales team has been able to complete more transactions and close deals faster!

E. Maines

Sign-n-Pay has been a lifesaver for our business! We have sales teams that can now close deals without having to go back and forth with a lengthy negotiation process and we don’t have to spend 10 minutes filling fields in with Adobe Sign to send an agreement and then send an invoice. We would highly recommend Sign-n-Pay to any business looking to streamline its negotiation and closing processes.

P. Nobel

It’s so easy to use, and if you get stuck, their support team will help out. I’m using Sign-n-Pay to manage my invoices and agreements. By getting clients signed on while they are on the phone, I no longer need to chase after them. I can spend that time building my business!

R. Shilean

Take control
of your business

Sign-n-Pay is the perfect solution for businesses looking to take control of their sales process. With Sign-n-Pay, administrators can create packages and discounts in seconds, and sales teams can quickly select the appropriate packages and discounts for their clients. Sign-n-Pay allows sales teams to negotiate and onboard clients without needing administrative approval and to easily close deals while on the phone with the client. Sign-n-Pay is the perfect tool for streamlining your sales process and taking control of your business.

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